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Together, We’ll Find a Solution!

I know that, sometimes, you don’t bother talking to me about your smile. You come in for your semi-annual cleanings and leave without saying a word — even if you’ve hated your smile for years. Maybe you think treatment would be too expensive, too involved, or too prolonged. Even worse, perhaps, is the idea that you don’t think you’re worth it. This is exactly what my patient Kim felt like for years. Wait until you see her story; you’ll wonder why you ever waited to have the smile you’ve always wanted. What did she have done and how has it changed her life?

At one point, Kim was known for her engaging smile. When she started having problems with her teeth, however, things changed. Kim developed large gaps between her teeth, completely changing the way she felt about herself. She rarely smiled; when she did, it was with a closed mouth.

Thankfully, Kim spoke with me about her concerns. When I told her about her best treatment option — in this case, the Six Month Smiles system — she was flooded with relief. Even with the braces on, Kim found herself smiling more often. Once they were off, she was simply beaming. One simple procedure not only allowed Kim to reclaim her smile, it restored her confidence, as well.

The takeaway is that you should always feel comfortable talking to me about your smile. There are tons of options that you may not even be aware of; together, we can find a way to make you happy with your smile and give you the confidence you need to enjoy your best life. Whether you need Six Month Smiles treatment or porcelain veneers, there is a solution that will work with your needs, budget, and lifestyle. If you’re ready to put yourself somewhere on your priority list, contact my office today so we can talk about your options.


Dr. Pearce