Tips To Ease Dental Anxiety

Tips To Ease Dental Anxiety

We frequently hear from patients that they experience nervousness before visiting our office for a dental treatment or hygiene examination and cleaning. We understand that patients have these feelings, and we can offer assistance to any patient to help them overcome their anxieties and fears. Our concern is when nerves keep patients from visiting our office for routine appointments and recommended treatments. Delaying dental care can lead to dental emergencies, additional treatments, and even tooth loss. We want to offer some tips that can help you relax before your treatment and help you be more comfortable during your appointment.

Addressing Dental Fears

Dr. Pearce wants patients to understand that nobody is judging them for being nervous, as many patients experience these feelings. He offers a no charge “ dental phobia” consultation where he will listen to all of your concerns and explain your future treatment in detail. He wants you to understand the process and help you feel comfortable while under his care. For patients who experience severe dental fear, Dr. Pearce can explain the way he uses IV sedation to help patients relax. IV sedation is administered in our office and creates complete relaxation during treatment. Although the patient remains awake and can answer questions, they will have no recollection of the treatment performed or the length of treatment.

Ways to Relax

Not every nervous patient requires the use of IV sedation, and many can use relaxation techniques to stay calm before and during your appointment. We have some tips to help you relax:

  • Bring headphones and listen to your favorite music or book on tape during your appointment
  • Limit caffeine and foods high in sugar prior to your visit
  • Schedule your appointment early in the morning and not after a long work day
  • Discuss your concerns with our team

If you have postponed your dental care due to nerves, we would love to hear from you. Dr. Pearce and our entire team will help make you feel comfortable while under our care. If you are interested in making an appointment or speaking to Dr. Pearce, don’t hesitate to call our office located in Baldwinsville, NY to schedule your visit.