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Teeth-Friendly Foods and Drinks

Some people view the beginning of a new year as a chance to make a fresh start. Many of them make resolutions to improve their health by making better food choices and exercising more. Whether or not you’re making these commitments, eating the right foods can make your teeth strong and healthy. The team at Baldwinsville Gentle Dentistry wants to share teeth-friendly foods and drinks to promote better oral health.

Cheese — Cheese helps to fight acid erosion. Eating cheese after your meal can neutralize acid and help prevent tooth decay. Also, cheese contains a protein called casein, which aids in strengthening enamel.

Fruits and Vegetables — Crunchy fruits and vegetables scrub teeth surfaces and help produce more saliva. The scrubbing motion reduces plaque buildup, and the extra saliva neutralizes acid, which is damaging to enamel.

Chocolate — Dark chocolate (70 percent cacao) contains the CBH compound, which helps harden tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay.

Wild Salmon — Wild salmon is a fatty fish containing vitamin D, which helps gums and teeth benefit from calcium intake. The body doesn’t absorb calcium properly if there’s not enough vitamin D in your diet.

Xylitol — This sweetener is a common ingredient in sugarless chewing gums. Xylitol contains a compound that can kill bacteria, which helps prevent tooth decay. And chewing gum has the added benefit of stimulating saliva production, which aids digestion.

Green and Black Teas — Green and black teas contain polyphenols to help reduce the bacteria in your mouth. Polyphenols have antibacterial properties to assist in preventing cavities.

Water — Drinking lots of water promotes saliva production. Saliva is vital for the digestion of food, neutralizing acid, and lowering the risk of tooth decay. Water rinses away food debris to reduce plaque.

A lot of these choices may be staples in your diet already. And perhaps you’ve found something to add to your food choices. Eating foods to benefit your oral health and overall health is a win-win situation. Also, continue practicing good oral hygiene and get regular exams and cleanings. How long has it been since your last dental visit? If you live in Baldwinsville, New York, or the surrounding areas, contact our office to schedule an appointment.