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  1. 4 Vital Health Benefits of Flossing

    graphic of floss and toilet paper, 2 rolls that should never be empty.
    Good oral hygiene is important for your oral and general health. We all know to brush twice a day and floss once a day. But sometimes regular flossing falls by the wayside. What happens when you don’t floss regularly? I know you’ve heard this before but, food particles in between your gums and teeth initiate...
  2. Watch Out: Summer Is Just Around the Corner!

    kid sliding into home base

    It’s been a rough winter in Syracuse, and we’re ready to toss our flannels in storage and bring out the shorts and T-shirts. Summer is just around the corner, which means we can throw caution to the wind, enjoy being outdoors, and get out of our rigid routines for a couple of months. Before you…

  3. Diabetes and Your Teeth


    Diabetes is such a prevalent problem in the United States that nearly everyone knows someone who struggles to manage the symptoms of the disease. They are also aware that diabetes affects the whole body and can lead to such conditions as coronary heart disease, retinal damage, kidney damage, blood circulation, and nerve damage, just to…