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  1. How To Improve Your Health

    Are you looking to make an investment in yourself this year? Or are you tired of complications with your dentures that leave you looking for a more permanent solution?

  2. Dental Implants FAQs

    Are you or someone you know embarrassed by missing teeth? Many people have lost teeth and become confused about the different replacement options. Unfortunately, the resulting indecision can lead to no action at all for some people. It’s important to replace missing teeth to maintain the health and integrity of the remaining teeth. Dental implants...
  3. Your Best Option For Tooth Replacement

    cartoon dental implant and tooth

    From gum disease to extensive cavities, I will always try to save your teeth. When an extraction is necessary, you will be faced with a big decision: Should you restore your smile with a dental prosthetic. From my perspective, the answer should always be yes. There is one particular tooth replacement option that will not…

  4. Get the Best of Both Worlds With Hybridge Dental Implants

    drawing of dentures in a cup of water

    When it comes to tooth replacement options, dental implants are the way to go. I realize, however, that they’re not without their drawbacks. The biggest pain point for my patients is that, from start to finish, implants can take months to complete. Don’t get me wrong; they’re well worth the wait, but if you don’t…