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  1. No Need to Fear Our Office

    It’s not uncommon for us to hear that a patient experiences a certain level of fear when visiting our office. While we try to make your experience as comfortable as possible, we understand that sometimes treatments are not always a walk in the park.

  2. Implants Don’t Just Replace Your Teeth, They Protect Them

    a safe and the baldwinsville gentle dentistry logo

    It’s no big secret that at Baldwinsville Gentle Dentistry, we’re huge fans of dental implants. The look natural, function like real teeth, allow you to eat what you want, and are long-lasting. What few people know about dental implants is that they actually protect you from future tooth loss. How? Here’s the skinny: When You…

  3. Time to Bust a Few Dental Myths

    Part of my job as your dentist is to educate you on dental health. Whether I’m teaching you proper flossing technique or discussing the advantages of dental implants, knowledge allows you to take charge of your own dental health. Today I’d like to educate you about a few common misconceptions about dental care. What are…