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  1. No Need to Fear Our Office

    It’s not uncommon for us to hear that a patient experiences a certain level of fear when visiting our office. While we try to make your experience as comfortable as possible, we understand that sometimes treatments are not always a walk in the park.

  2. Today.com Discusses COVID-19 And Dentistry

    We read a recent article in Today.com that suggests people have held off on going back to the dentist because of COVID-19 and are therefore putting their oral health at risk. Some dentists have seen that even at-home dental hygiene has been hit or miss and points out that, “bacteria don’t know that there’s a pandemic.” That’s true! There’s no reason to put your oral health on hold, and this article explains why. Read it here now:

  3. Our practice has REOPENED!

    dr. pearce

    Our practice is opened starting today (June 1st) and we couldn’t be more excited! Please watch the video to see some of the changes we’ve made to keep you, our amazing patients safe.