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Six Benefits of a Six Month Smile

You’ve always wanted to improve your crooked smile, but you didn’t think you’d be able to afford braces. Also, you were deterred by the length of the treatment time. Now there’s an option to correct your smile that’s fast and cost-effective. At Baldwinsville Gentle Dentistry, we can help you transform your smile faster than you imagined.

What Is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary new method of straightening teeth that closes gaps, eliminates crookedness, and improves the alignment of your most conspicuous teeth — the ones in front — to give you a great smile in only six months.

How Is It Different From Regular Braces?

Unlike regular braces, the Six Month Smile device consists of clear brackets and wires that are tooth-colored to give you one of the most discreet orthodontic solutions developed to date. The design of its teeth alignment program also makes it more comfortable than regular braces. It focuses on the front teeth — the ones most responsible for giving you a great smile — rather than the ones in the back that hardly get seen. Because of that, it works faster than ever. With only six months of treatment, it reduces the strain on your mouth, your time, and your pocket.

What Makes Six Month Smiles Amazing?

Here are some of the features that make the Six Month Smiles system one worth considering:

  • It’s fast. Compared with the 24 months that regular orthodontic treatment usually takes, Six Month Smiles offers a great advantage. It gets you out of the embarrassing situation of having an unattractive smile much more quickly than traditional orthodontics. No more waiting to see results. Six Month Smiles gets you the smile you want in just a fraction of the time.
  • It straightens front teeth. No more wasting energy, time, and money straightening teeth that don’t contribute much to the beautiful smile you want. Focusing all its force on the teeth that matter for your smile — the front teeth — the program eliminates unnecessary attention to peripheral teeth. Therefore, the results are more readily seen and you get the satisfaction of having a beautiful smile much faster.
  • It’s comfortable. Six Month Smiles exceeds traditional orthodontic methods in that it causes far less pain and discomfort to the teeth and gums. Without having to tend to the back teeth, the program eliminates the discomfort of having to make the braces tight enough to match the strength of stubborn molars. Instead, the energy it puts into straightening your teeth needs only to match the resistance of the front teeth, giving it a gentler grip and you a more pleasant orthodontic experience.
  • It’s discreet. Many people are almost as embarrassed to have braces as they are to have the crooked teeth that made them need the braces in the first place. With Six Month Smiles, your teeth are fitted with discreet materials. The time spent correcting your teeth actually reflects an improvement over the experience of having unattractive teeth. No need to hide your braces; they hide themselves.
  • It’s cost-effective. Because of the design and purpose of Six Month Smiles orthodontic solution, it requires less of an investment regarding equipment and time. This translates to an overall more cost-effective treatment. The fees for the actual device, periodic checkups, and adjustments are considerably reduced when compared to the traditional architecture. So you save money and get an attractive smile.
  • The smile of your dreams. The most important aspect of the whole Six Month Smiles program is the gorgeous smile that you get out of the treatment. After only a short period, the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of becomes a reality. In finally acquiring such an attractive feature — arguably one of the most important aspects of physical beauty — your confidence will naturally gain a significant boost.

Are you ready for the smile of your dreams? Call our office to schedule your appointment. We create beautiful smiles in Baldwinsville, New York, and the surrounding areas.