Addressing Dental Phobia

Addressing Dental Phobia

Addressing dental phobia to put you at ease during your visit.

If the thought of sitting in a dental chair makes you anxious and afraid, you are not alone. In fact, thousands of people put off seeing the dentist every year and risk the health of their smiles because of dental phobia. Dr. David R. Pearce at Baldwinsville Gentle Dentistry wants you to know that dental phobia is nothing to be embarrassed about. Dr. Pearce understands your fears and anxieties about dental care and offers a unique approach to help you overcome them.

You can schedule a no-charge “dental phobia” consultation with Dr. Pearce that lasts approximately 20 minutes. He will listen to your concerns and explain the entire process, from initial exam and X-rays to any recommended treatment, to help you relax and reduce your worry. He will also tell you about his patient-friendly approach to dental care, which includes ultra-gentle injections with topical anesthetic and a feather-touch approach with all cosmetic and restorative procedures. Dr. Pearce’s friendly demeanor and reassuring words can change the way you feel about dental care and make your visits a positive experience.

Don’t let dental phobia prevent you from achieving and maintaining a healthy, radiant smile. Call Baldwinsville Gentle Dentistry at 315-635-3020 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Pearce today. We proudly serve Baldwinsville and surrounding areas including Syracuse, Liverpool, Camillus, and Clay, New York.

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