Sedation Dentistry Helps Relieve Fear

If you fear coming to the dentist, you are not alone—many others share your fear. Your hesitation might be related to a fear of the drill or receiving injections, or even a previous experience. This fear can cause some to avoid seeking dental care, even when desperately needed. There is a remedy available that provides a way for you to complete your dental treatment without anxiety.

What Is IV Sedation Dentistry?

In IV sedation dentistry, we use a moderate form of sedation to relax you so you will be more comfortable and free of stress during the dental procedure. The sedative is administered through a vein and goes to work quickly. We monitor the procedure carefully and the amount can be adjusted as needed. It is referred to as “conscious sedation” because you will not be put to sleep, but will remain aware yet relaxed.

During the procedure, you may find that you are so relaxed that time seems to pass quickly and you’ll have no memory of the entire visit. This is a benefit to those who may have problems remaining seated for longer lengths of time during more complicated procedures.

We Answer Your Questions and Plan Your Procedure

Part of fear is apprehension about the unknown. We want to help alleviate your fears with information and acknowledge your fears with understanding. During your consultation with us, we will clearly explain your procedure and answer all questions and concerns you may have. During your procedure, we continue to let you know the steps involved and will reassure you when needed so you will continue to be calm and relaxed. Before you know it, your procedure will be completed and you will be ready to go home.

Some Things You Should Know

Dr. Pearce is hospital trained and licensed to perform your IV sedation procedure. Working with his team, he can complete your dental procedure with expert skill and deliver outstanding results—all while you relax in our comfortable reclining chairs in a calm, soothing environment. Remember, though, that you will need to have someone drive you home after the procedure as the final remnants of the relaxation medication linger.

You may not always look forward to a visit with us, but you don’t need to fear it. If you are interested in learning more about sedation dentistry, please contact our office and schedule a consultation today. Dr. Pearce serves Baldwinsville and Central New York.