Professional Cleaning is a Must – When Was the Last Time You Visited Us?

Professional Cleaning is a Must – When Was the Last Time You Visited Us?

Do you feel that you do a superb job maintaining your oral hygiene? We know that many of our patients brush their teeth and are fanatics about making sure they floss and use mouthwash everyday. While that is extremely important and essential to avoid tooth decay and other dental issues such as gum disease, nothing compares to a cleaning and hygiene examination in our office. Even if your teeth are extremely clean, we still recommend that you visit our office twice a year. There is nothing that compares to the thorough care you will receive in our office.

Removes Bacteria Left Behind

Even the patients who are the most precise when brushing and flossing cannot remove all of the bacteria that remains in the mouth, especially in the hard-to-reach places. It is inevitable that there will be some form of tartar in the mouth. During the cleaning portion of the exam, our staff will remove any plaque and tartar that remains on the teeth. Our tools also provide a polish that cannot be achieved with standard toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Helps Prevent Emergencies

Routine dental examinations help us to pinpoint any problem areas in the mouth. If a problem is just beginning, we know to monitor that area each time you visit our office. When routine appointments are postponed or not scheduled it leaves your mouth susceptible to problems and emergencies. With summer in full swing, we would hate for you to be on vacation and experience a dental emergency that could have been avoided.

Inspect for Serious Conditions

During your hygiene examination, we check for gum disease and oral cancer. Both conditions can lead to severe complications, such as tooth loss and the deterioration of the jaw bone. Early detection is the key to saving your oral and overall health.

If you have not visited a dentist within the past six months for a routine hygiene examination and cleaning, we would love to welcome you to our dental family in Baldwinsville, NY. If you are an existing patient we would love to see you again soon!