Meet a Valued Team Member – Christina

Meet a Valued Team Member – Christina

March is a special month because we take the time to celebrate a very special, key group of team members in our office – our Dental Assistants. While the official celebration of Dental Assistants Recognition Week is during the first week of the month, we feel that it is important to recognize our team all of the time. We wanted to take some time this month to help you learn a little more about one of our dedicated dental assistants, Christina.

Christina is originally from Liverpool, NY. When she is not in the office, you might find her shopping or spending time with her family or her fiance, as she recently got engaged. If she wasn’t one of our beloved dental assistants, she might have had a career in fashion. Many people might not know this, but Christina is a Marilyn Monroe superfan. Although there really isn’t the opportunity to travel at the moment, if Christina could travel anywhere in the world, she would love to visit the country with delicious pasta and gelato, Italy.

Christina joined our team back in March of 2018. She decided to become a dental assistant because she wanted to help patients get a beautiful smile, and we are proud to say that she does just that. Christina shares our philosophy of providing dental care that revolves around our patients. Her favorite part of her job is seeing the patient’s life change when they get the smile they have always wanted.

Christina truly cares about the patients of Baldwinsville Gentle Dentistry. Her one piece of advice for patients is, “There are always options to change your smile.” She couldn’t be more correct, because we offer numerous cosmetic dentistry options as well as tooth replacement choices, if that is your need or desire.

If you would like to experience the exceptional dentistry that Christina and the rest of our team members provide, contact our office to schedule an appointment. We love to give the residents of Baldwinsville, NY and the surrounding areas a reason to smile. We look forward to seeing you soon.