Let’s Dispel the Most Common Dental Myths

Humanity has always been willing to believe the wisdom of trusted sources; that’s why “Old Wives Tales” exist, afterall. We’re all still seekers of wisdom, but these days, our trusted source tends to be the internet. The internet is perfect for finding out which actor played a character in that movie you just watched, researching how to get the skunk smell off of your pup, or learning how to make a Hungarian goulash just like grandma used to make. What it’s NOT ideal for is providing advice about your health and wellness. At Baldwinsville Gentle Dentistry, we want to make sure you have the correct information about maintaining a healthy mouth, so to that end, we provide truths for the most common dental myths we hear.

Myth #1 — If your teeth look and feel fine, you can skip the trip to the dentist.

You may not experience any symptoms, but disease could be lurking somewhere in the complexities of your mouth. Unless you are a dental professional, there’s really no way for you to tell if your teeth are truly healthy. Our training and specialized tools allow us to examine the structure of your jaw, the condition of your teeth, and the overall wellness of your gums. Don’t take a chance with this myth and stick to your semi-annual cleanings and examinations.

Myth #2 — Whitening your teeth ruins your enamel.

From banana peels to oil pulling, we’ve heard it all when it comes to whitening methods mentioned online. While we would certainly never suggest those, we can promise that whitening under the supervision of a dental professional is perfectly safe. Depending on the shade of your teeth and ultimate goals for your smile, we can prescribe a concentration of whitening gel that can give you brilliant white teeth without causing any harm to your enamel.

Myth #3 — Flossing is not as necessary as once believed.

Years ago, the Associated Press released a statement that suggested flossing wasn’t all that important when it comes to maintaining healthy teeth. We are here to tell you that is COMPLETELY FALSE! Not only does flossing help keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh, it also prevents gum disease, a potentially painful condition that is linked to heart disease, hypertension, and even diabetes. Don’t take a chance with your health; floss at least once a day, no matter what you might hear from the AP.

These myths just scratch the surface when it comes to what we’ve read and heard about. When it comes to your teeth, you should always take care of them so they can take care of you for years to come. Instead of seeking wisdom from the World Wide Web, give us a call to find out how to maintain a strong, healthy, and beautiful smile. We are located in Baldwinsville, New York, and proudly serve patients in Syracuse and other Central New York communities. We can’t wait to see your smile!