Hybridge Dental Implants

When you have missing teeth, the optimal replacement solution may be a dental implant. We use Hybridge dental implants because they provide more benefits than other implant technology. Read on to see why we trust in Hybridge technology.

What Makes the Hybridge Dental Implant Different?

Hybridge is state-of-the-art implant technology that we can use when there is just one missing tooth but really shines when there are multiple teeth or an entire arch to be replaced.

The Hybridge implant is much like a traditional implant. It consists of a post secured in the jawbone, an abutment to connect the post and prosthetic, and the prosthetic, or crown, that mimics the visible part of a tooth. They offer the same benefits as the traditional implant compared to other replacement options. They look and feel natural, and are strong, stable, and help preserve the jaw bone. However, unlike traditional implants, the state-of-the-art techniques used in Hybridge implants can use bone that most people have left despite any potential bone deterioration. This is not always possible with a traditional implant, even after bone grafts.

Typically, the goal is to preserve teeth as much as possible. In some cases, even though there may be natural teeth remaining, there needs to be an evaluation to determine if it would be best to replace the whole mouth. When it is, Hybridge implants are the answer to restoring appearance and functionality. The traditional implant is a tooth-by-tooth replacement procedure. However, a dental implant can support the weight of multiple prosthetic teeth. The Hybridge solution provides an affordable, efficient approach to replace a full jaw of teeth with the support of just a few dental implants.

The Hybridge implant treatment also shortens the amount of time from start to finish over other implant methods. Less time and fewer implants mean a cost savings for the patient in the long run.

Who Can Offer Hybridge Implants?

Hybridge selects qualified leaders in the dental implant field to undergo specialized training, and only certified dentists can provide the Hybridge service. Dr. Pearce has undergone the extensive, rigorous training to become a Hybridge-certified dentist, so you can be confident in his qualifications and experience.

If you are in the Baldwinsville, New York, or Central New York area and need an affordable, sensible solution for your missing teeth, call our friendly team to find out if Hybridge dental implants are right for you!