Getting A Filling Is No Big Deal

Getting A Filling Is No Big Deal

Have you recently learned that you have a cavity, need to have it filled, and are feeling a bit nervous about the procedure? We are here to tell you that a filling is the most common and popular treatment performed in our office, aside from traditional hygiene examinations and cleanings. If you have never had a filling before or it has been a while since your last cavity, we know it can get a little nerve-racking before your appointment. We want to take a few moments to ease your fears and explain more about a filling and the importance of being diligent with treatment. Read on to learn more.

Why Do I Need a Filling?

A filling is typically recommended when decay, also known as a cavity, is detected in the enamel of a tooth. A cavity can be caused from lack of proper oral hygiene, extreme snacking, and high levels of sugar on the teeth. A filling can also be used to repair a minor crack in a tooth.

Care Following a Filling

The good news is that the care following a filling is relatively easy. It is extremely important to be sure not to eat or drink until the numbness in your mouth has worn off. You can cause severe damage to your tongue or cheek if you try to chew while you are numb and bite yourself. Drinking also isn’t a great idea, as you might wind up with a wet shirt, especially if your lips are numb and cannot close properly when drinking. After the numbness subsides, you might feel some tenderness or sensitivity in the area of the filling for a few days. You are free to brush and clean your teeth as usual.

Can I Postpone Treatment?

It is best to have a filling, no matter the size, taken care of as soon as possible. Delaying treatment can lead to further decay and more extensive measures that need to be taken. A simple filling that is postponed can quickly turn into the need for a crown and, eventually, a root canal. Cavities do not heal on their own. In fact, they get progressively worse over time, so please schedule your appointments as they are recommended.

If you are ready to schedule your appointment for a filling or any other treatment we recommended, we would love to hear from you. We look forward to seeing you at our office located in Baldwinsville, NY soon!