A First-Hand Account of Our Sedation Dentistry

If you listen to country station B104.7 and follow their on-air personalities, then you may already be familiar with one of our dental success stories. Many people fear going to the dentist and put off necessary treatments just to avoid sitting in the chair. DJ Becky Palmer was among those people until her experience in my office. Learn more about her treatment here:

Becky’s fear of the dentist was not without reason. When she was little, her dentist would fill cavities without novocaine. Trips to the dentist quickly became associated with pain, making Becky a very reluctant patient.

Fast forward to just a few months ago. Becky was still fearful of dentistry but needed to undergo some involved procedures to restore her dental health. One particular appointment was going to take a few hours, and Becky was dreading it. Becky and I spoke about her concerns and decided that sedation dentistry was the best course of action.

Becky’s Experience with Sedation Dentistry

While there are many different options for sedation dentistry, Becky’s went something like this: The night before her procedure, she took a pill to help her sleep. Instead of tossing and turning as a result of pre-treatment anxiety, Becky got a good night’s sleep, waking rested (not groggy) and ready to come to our office. An hour before her scheduled appointment, Becky took another pill. By the time her ride delivered her to our office, she needed an escort to our treatment room. In Becky’s words, “that was the last thing I really remember.”

See Becky recount her experience here.

Let Us Help YOU!

Instead of exacerbating her fear by hiding her genuine concerns, Becky shared her experiences and worries with me. Instead of dreading the dentist, dealing with anxiety, and suffering through pain, Becky and I came up with a treatment plan that would make her more comfortable emotionally, psychologically, and physically.

This can be YOUR experience, as well. If we have discussed beneficial dental treatments but you’ve been putting them off because you are fearful or anxious, talk to me and my team! We understand your fear and want to put your mind at ease. The next time you visit, let’s talk about dental sedation options that might be right for you.