Dr. Pearce On TV

Dr. Pearce takes great care in explaining to his patients how treatments work and will benefit them. He’s even been on TV helping to educate people! Watch this clip of him on the WSYR Channel 9 “Your Health” program discussing Hybridge implants. They are a simplified and state-of-the-art approach to implants. If you have ever considered this restorative treatment or know someone who is considering it, check out Dr. Pearce’s TV spot here:

As mentioned in the program, Hybridge implant is an alternative solution for missing teeth, particularly for denture wearers. Dental implants are placed in the jaw and restorative teeth are placed on top of the implant to return function so that you can enjoy every day activities such as eating, speaking and smiling.

Those with dentures may find they have a decreased ability to eat and chew foods they want, their dentures shift out of place, find it difficult to speak clearly, and they may have sore spots in their mouth. Dentures may give back some tooth function, but implants take it one step further. Implants are surgically placed in the jaw and act like a real tooth in that they stimulate the jaw so it doesn’t deteriorate and cause more problems, and the implants help support your facial muscles so you don’t have a sunken appearance. Patients are thrilled that the teeth stay in 24/7 and they are free from having to take dentures in and out and worry about adhesives.

The procedure involves surgically placing a biologic titanium screw in the jaw. The titanium and bone fuse together creating a strong and lasting fit. In fact, implants can last almost a lifetime with proper care. How does that sound to you?

We’d love to discuss the Hybridge implant option with you, or if you know someone thinking about implants, feel free to pass on this email to them so they can watch Dr. Pearce’s TV spot.
Until we see you again, have a great day!