Dentures After Long-Term Use

Dentures are a common solution for missing teeth, but after some time, dentures can wear down. Aging causes the jaw bone shrink and the contour of the gum line naturally recedes. This results in loose dentures and painful gums. Properly fitting dentures should rest comfortably against the gums and remain in place without any pain. 

To keep your dentures working properly for you, it’s important to clean them regularly and take them out and soak them during the night. If significant wear and tear happens or your denture fractures, however, it is best to get new dentures as soon as possible. Poorly fitting dentures can harm rather than help your oral health. 

Signs Your Dentures No Longer Fit Correctly

Experiencing severe toothaches, red or swollen gums, difficult chewing, and loose or missing teeth are the first signs you need new dentures.

Common signs to look for include: 

  • Swollen, red gums and soreness in the mouth
  • Remaining teeth become loose  
  • Teeth become broken or chipped 
  • Inability to chew or bite correctly 
  • Changes in facial features 
  • Severe toothaches

How To Fix Denture Discomfort

There are a few solutions to poorly fitting dentures, such as:

  • Relining: When a new acrylic layer is added to the base of the denture, the shape fits the gum line again. 
  • Recasting: If the mouth has significantly changed, a recasting process can be a good option and cheaper than starting from scratch. A new acyclic base is created based on a new mold taken of your mouth and the old dentures. 
  • Dental Implants: Dental implants can help to keep dentures secure. Various types of implants can be used to provide a solid foundation for attaching dentures and to eliminate any looseness. 

If you have any questions about dentures in Baldwinsville or would like to have your dentures evaluated, please contact our office to schedule an appointment today.