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  1. We Are Happy You Are Part of Our Dental Family!

    We know that when you choose our team to provide your oral health care, you are putting your faith and confidence in our training and ability to deliver outstanding care. We have devoted ourselves to ensuring you have a comfortable and relaxing environment and the most gentle dentistry available. Please read on to see a few of the ways we do that.

  2. Let’s Dispel the Most Common Dental Myths — Part 2

    In a recent article called Dispelling the Most Common Dental Myths, we discussed how the internet may not be the ideal place to learn about your health and wellness. At Baldwinsville Gentle Dentistry, we want to make sure you have the right information for making decisions about your oral health. We corrected a few common...
  3. Let’s Dispel the Most Common Dental Myths

    Humanity has always been willing to believe the wisdom of trusted sources; that’s why “Old Wives Tales” exist, afterall. We’re all still seekers of wisdom, but these days, our trusted source tends to be the internet. The internet is perfect for finding out which actor played a character in that movie you just watched, researching...
  4. Teeth-Friendly Foods and Drinks

    logo and title over background of a variety of foods
    Some people view the beginning of a new year as a chance to make a fresh start. Many of them make resolutions to improve their health by making better food choices and exercising more. Whether or not you’re making these commitments, eating the right foods can make your teeth strong and healthy. The team at...