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  1. Why Restorative Dentistry is Important

    One of the most interesting features in the field of dentistry is how different patients are. The oral health of each patient varies so much from one person to the next. We have patients who never need any additional dental work or treatments, and we have others who are frequent visitors to our office needing a considerable amount of improvements. The patients in the latter category frequently need restorative dentistry treatments. Restorative dentistry is the restoration of a tooth to its proper function following damage or disease. Restorations can be as minor as a filling or more involved like a crown, root canal, or bridge.

  2. How To Improve Your Smile

    Are you unhappy with your smile and always find yourself trying to hide your mouth when you laugh or talk to others? If this sounds like you, now is a great time to do something special for yourself. There will one day come a time when we can go outdoors, shopping, and see family and friends mask free. Why not wow everyone with a beautiful new smile? We offer a solution that can fix many of the imperfections you may be suffering from. Read on to learn more about this popular treatment plan.

  3. Dentures After Long-Term Use

    Dentures are a common solution for missing teeth, but after some time, dentures can wear down. Aging causes the jaw bone shrink and the contour of the gum line naturally recedes. This results in loose dentures and painful gums. Properly fitting dentures should rest comfortably against the gums and remain in place without any pain.

  4. Don’t Delay, Get Your Cracked Tooth Fixed Today

    Whether it’s from eating hard candy or sustaining a mouth injury, a cracked tooth is a common occurrence. While our teeth are generally strong, if the tooth had a small fracture or there was some decay present, this can compromise the tooth structure, increasing the chances of it cracking or breaking.