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  1. No More Short-Term Fixes

    We hope your New Year is off to a great start! We are looking forward to another year of helping patients achieve healthy and beautiful smiles. If you’ve decided this is the year to restore missing or damaged teeth, we have a safe and effective solution that can last you a lifetime — no more short-term fixes. If you’d like to know more about this treatment, then click here.

  2. Hybridge Dental Implants

    When you have missing teeth, the optimal replacement solution may be a dental implant. We use Hybridge dental implants because they provide more benefits than other implant technology. Read on to see why we trust in Hybridge technology. What Makes the Hybridge Dental Implant Different? Hybridge is state-of-the-art implant technology that we can use when...
  3. Bridge the Gap

    Missing teeth are more than a cosmetic issue — they can have an impact on your overall health. It’s important that you act quickly to see us when you have a missing tooth or teeth. There are several ways to treat missing teeth, and one solution we offer is the fixed bridge. Why Does It...
  4. Get the Best of Both Worlds With Hybridge Dental Implants

    drawing of dentures in a cup of water

    When it comes to tooth replacement options, dental implants are the way to go. I realize, however, that they’re not without their drawbacks. The biggest pain point for my patients is that, from start to finish, implants can take months to complete. Don’t get me wrong; they’re well worth the wait, but if you don’t…