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  1. Caring for Implants

    By the time we are in our 40s, nearly three out of four of us have lost at least one permanent tooth. Are you in that group? Have we told you that you are a good candidate for a dental implant? Since I’ve written in the past about our Hybridge implant solution, rather than discuss the implant procedure, I’m going to answer a question we get asked a lot — how do I properly care for a dental implant? Read more to see just how easy it is to take proper care of an implant.

  2. How Human Teeth Help Archaeologists

    Scientists and archaeologists know that humans have been on Earth for hundreds of thousands of years. Because there are few traces of the earliest humans, they have relied on fragments of bone and teeth to tell the story. Have you ever wondered how teeth contribute to their knowledge?

  3. We Are Happy You Are Part of Our Dental Family!

    We know that when you choose our team to provide your oral health care, you are putting your faith and confidence in our training and ability to deliver outstanding care. We have devoted ourselves to ensuring you have a comfortable and relaxing environment and the most gentle dentistry available. Please read on to see a few of the ways we do that.

  4. Sedation Dentistry Helps Relieve Fear

    If you fear coming to the dentist, you are not alone—many others share your fear. Your hesitation might be related to a fear of the drill or receiving injections, or even a previous experience. This fear can cause some to avoid seeking dental care, even when desperately needed. There is a remedy available that provides a way for you to complete your dental treatment without anxiety.