Can Binge Watching TV Affect Your Oral Health?

Can Binge Watching TV Affect Your Oral Health?

With the ever-growing popularity in streaming services mixed with the lingering effects of the pandemic and many people still reserved about venturing out, binge watching TV has never been easier or more common. An entire season of a show being released on one day leaves many people eager to watch every episode as fast as they can. This leads us to the question of can binge watching TV affect your oral health? Unfortunately, for some, the answer is yes.

Snacking on the Rise

When you think about a series that you enjoy, let’s say that the show is an hour long and there are ten episodes per season. If you watch from beginning to end, that is a total of 600 minutes that you are watching. If you were to add in multiple seasons, that is some serious TV time. If you were to watch an episode here or there, it isn’t so bad, but the problem arises when you get entranced in the show and can’t turn it off. Many people love to grab a favorite snack to nosh while watching. It can become very easy to continue to snack mindlessly for the length of your TV watching. Frequent snacking is not beneficial to your oral health, especially if you enjoy sugary treats and drinks. Bacteria lingers every time you reach for another snack.

Disrupts Oral Routine

If you are watching multiple shows in a row, more than likely you are skipping your traditional oral hygiene routine. This, along with frequent snacking, is leaving your mouth open to the possibility of developing decay and gum disease.


We know that it can be tempting to binge your favorite shows when they are released, and we encourage you to watch until your heart’s content; however, we ask that you be mindful of your oral health. Keep the snacking to a minimum. Avoid sipping on sugary drinks and stick to water. Also, make time to brush and floss as you would normally.

If you find that you are experiencing any oral discomfort between visits, we recommend calling our office located in Baldwinsville, NY to schedule an appointment.