Bridge the Gap

Missing teeth are more than a cosmetic issue — they can have an impact on your overall health. It’s important that you act quickly to see us when you have a missing tooth or teeth. There are several ways to treat missing teeth, and one solution we offer is the fixed bridge.

Why Does It Matter?

The gaps resulting from missing teeth cause remaining teeth to shift and misalign. Infections can occur more easily and there may be bone deterioration in that area of the jaw. Eating may be difficult or painful. The sunken look of your face caused by missing teeth can make you look much older. Your confidence and your health suffer.

What Is a Bridge?

A dental bridge does just what it sounds like; it “bridges” the space and covers the gap. A false tooth is created to match your teeth in shape and color, and it is attached to crowns that are placed on adjoining teeth. Unlike dentures, a dental bridge is permanently fixed and can only be removed by a dentist.

The first step in the bridge procedure is to prepare the adjoining teeth for the crowns. Impressions are made to serve as a model for the bridge to be created. If necessary, a temporary bridge will be placed to protect your mouth while the permanent bridge is being made.

On your second visit, if a temporary bridge was necessary, it is removed and the new custom-made bridge with the false tooth firmly attached to the crowns will be checked and adjusted to achieve a proper fit. There may need to be some additional adjustment, but if not, the crowns are cemented into place and you are ready to face the world with your new smile.

Bridge Benefits

The many benefits of a bridge include:

  • Restoring your confidence in your smile
  • Improving your bite and eliminating pain
  • Restoring speech and pronunciation that may have been affected by missing teeth
  • Giving you back your appearance by restoring the shape of your face
  • Preventing future dental health issues from further tooth shifting and misalignment

If you are in the Baldwinsville, New York, or Central New York area and are one of the millions of Americans missing at least one tooth, call or come by to discuss your options. Our friendly team can help you keep a healthy, beautiful smile!