1. Six Month Smile: The Best of Braces, Only Better

    woman with clear braces, smiling

    Has your crooked smile always bothered you? Do you cover your mouth when you laugh or avoid showing your teeth when you smile as a result of your crooked teeth? If this is the case, then have we got news for you: Baldwinsville Gentle Dentistry is proud to offer our patients the Six Month Smile….

  2. Patient Testimonial – Sleep Apnea Saved My Life!

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    Nothing gives me more satisfaction than knowing that I’ve changed a patient’s life — except when I’ve possibly saved their life. You may think that’s a bold statement from a dentist, but time and again, research has proven that dental health and overall health are invariably linked; never is that more true than with obstructive…

  3. Introducing … Our Very Own Dr. Pearce!

    dr. pearce

    Under the leadership of Dr. David Pearce, Baldwinsville Gentle Dentistry has provided patients with top-notch care since 1995. With a focus on patient comfort, education, and prevention, he has given countless patients a reason to smile. Dr. Pearce realized that he wanted to become a dentist when he was 8 years old. “I thought I…

  4. Life-Changing Seminars Ahead

    It’s a new year, and there’s no better time to follow through on resolutions you’ve made to take care of yourself. In order to provide you with information on some life-changing treatments that will vastly improve how you live your life, I will be hosting seminars on both sleep apnea and dental implants. Here are…