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Apprehensive About Implants? Don’t Be!

Having a dentist tell you, “Don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit,” is as reassuring as “Don’t worry, I don’t think anyone will notice.” As much as (I hope) you trust me, sometimes there’s nothing like an actual patient testimonial to convince my patients that I mean it when I say, “REALLY! It won’t hurt!” Like most, this long-term patient had concerns about committing to dental implants. How did things turn out for him? Let’s learn more about Joe’s story and hear it straight from the patient’s mouth.


Joe had been a loyal patient for eight years when he was finally ready for dental implants. He was apprehensive about how long the treatment would take from start to finish, how involved the procedure would be, and the pain that would accompany the surgery. As his video testimonial will reveal, my team members were able to put him at ease by outlining every last detail of the procedure. This allowed Joe to feel far more comfortable prior to his surgery.


After his procedure, Joe had no pain or undesirable after effects. In fact, he was able to eat on the side of his mouth (that had been operated on) within 24 hours of treatment. My favorite thing is that Joe felt that implant surgery was easier than having his teeth cleaned!


What’s most impressive is how dental implants have transformed Joe’s life. As someone who travels regularly for business, Joe was always worried about what he could eat when he was out of town (and away from my office) and what would happen if a crown fell out. Now, he has no worries. He can eat what he wants without fear and can smile with confidence.


If you’ve been putting off implant surgery, be sure to check out Joe’s video. Perhaps his experience will convince you that there is nothing to worry about and that, really, “this won’t hurt a bit.” When you’re ready to talk about treatment, contact my office to schedule an appointment. I look forward to helping you have the smile you’ve always wanted.



Dr. Pearce